Buleleng airport in the Middle of the Sea, 1400 hectares will be Reclamation


Beritabali.com, Denpasar. Planning to build a new airport in Bali’s north precisely in Buleleng is rolling. Later, the company is interested in building Arca Canadian airports are planned to be built in the middle of the sea.

Representatives of investors, Made Mangku, stated, if all parties support, then the next year the floating airport construction will begin to be realized.

“If all the support, one year from now floating in the middle of the sea airport in Buleleng that was to be built,” said Made Mangku, Thursday, May 21, 2015.

Made Mangku tell, the distance from the shoreline into the sea amid the airports within about one kilometer. He said, the second airport on the island of Bali that will be built in three stages.

The first stage, continued Made Mangku, would require 300 hectares of land to be reclaimed to build the runway. Furthermore, the construction of the second phase would require a land area of ​​900 acres to build two runways line.

“Lastly we need 200 acres, so the total will be reclaimed is 1,400 hectares. All the land area for runway and airport city,” he explained.

While, for the land, Made Mangku, it requires about 100 acres for an airport city. According to him, according to the provisions, the company will have management rights to the new airport for 50 years.

“For the land, we will not liberate productive land. The funds that we prepare for the construction of the initial phase of Rp30 trillion. The right to manage the new airport for 50 years and can be extended for the next 50 years,” said Made Mangku.

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Front Beach Land at Batu Ampar Buleleng

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Still Use Dollars? Ready Fined IDR 200 Millions


WE Online, Jakarta – For any business and any people in Indonesia must use IDR each payment transactions in the country.

Because through Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) No 17/3 / PBI / 2015, the central bank has required the use of dollars in payment transactions in every region of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). This policy has been in force since 1 April 2015.

“We hope that with the obligation to use these dollars to the Indonesian public confidence in the rupiah could increase. Because if people believe Indonesia has been using dollars, the next impact could be followed by an international trust to dollars, and have an impact on the Indonesian economy,” said Deputy Director of the Legal Department of BI , Bambang Sukardi Son in Bandung, Saturday (05/09/2015).

According to him, this rule applies to all payment transactions in Indonesia, such as ports, airports, shopping electronics, travel services and other goods and services.

When people and businesses are still recalcitrant to use foreign currency in payment transactions, the Central Bank has set up penalties for them.

“For cash transactions of criminal sanctions and penalties. In accordance with article 33, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Law of currency is one year imprisonment and a maximum fine of Rp 200 million,” he explained.

He added that this sanction also applies if the person refuses payment constituted dollars without a doubt the authenticity of dollars or no agreement to use the previous currency.

As for non-cash transactions sanction ranging from a written warning, a fine in the form of an obligation to pay 1% of the transaction (maximum of USD 1 billion) to join the traffic ban payment system. Provisions for non-cash transactions come into force 1 July 2015.

“Bi can also recommend the relevant authorities to revoke its business license if businesses continue to use the currency,” he concluded.

Author: Dawn Solomon

Editor: Cahyo Prayogo

Photo: Sufri Yuliardi

Keramas Gianyar

keramas map

Keramas village is known for surfing beach since Komune Beach Resort opened its facilities including beach club and night surfing – the only one, night surfing in Bali.

keramas komune

Komune Beach Resort provides decent accommodation and Food & Beverage services.  Huge swimming pool on the beach and sun deck with umbrella for sun bathing.


Now this area has been developing. New private villas are tucked away on this location. More and more people buy land near Keramas beach side. The reason people invest among others land price cheaper compare in south Badung (Kuta, Jimbaran, Pecatu, Ungasan, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Sawangan and Kutuh).

Access via Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra make it easy and fast – no traffic jam. Even Bali Mandara Toll make it faster to Ngurah Rai airport and south Bali.

Keramas beach is black sandy with big wave that is perfect for surfing. A lot of competition takes place here  such as BII Maybank Bali Marathon. One of private company set up recreation with dolphin, it makes more and more traveler with family keen on going to Keramas. Bali Safari and Marine Park is nearby. Horse riding located in Saba  neighborhood of Keramas.

Again black sandy beach in Keramas Beach, Blahbatuh district has hosted international surfing competitions in the last couple of years with limited facilities such as uneven road and no parking lots. In 2013, Keramas Beach is one of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP)’s 2013 World Champhionship Tour schedule.

Baliwaves.com says:

Type of break:
Powerful right hander that can produce some deep tube rides over a reef and rock bottom.

Like any good wave anywhere in the World Keramas is popular. This place can be surfed from waist high right through to triple over head. Early mornings are best at Keramas and can also be surfed through the dry season if conditions are right. Best size is in the head to double head high class.

Best Wind:
North West to Westerly

Best Tide:
Normally depending on the Moon Phase at the time as long as there is enough water the rocks you should be ok.

Like most locations around Bali to beat the numbers you have to get up early, not too many Bintangs (Beer brand known in Indonesia) the night before.

Link land investment:

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Warehouse in Saba

Front beach land in Keramas

Land in Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra Keramas