Baby Turtles released on Saba Beach

tukik sabaFew company and organizations did baby turtle release this morning (September 19) on Saba beach, Blahbatuh, Gianyar.

This Saba Asri Turtle Conservations is self-funded organization and it really need your help to keep doing baby turtle conservation.

tukik saba 2

Made Kiki and 10 of members every month have to work hard to find turtle eggs and save them from wild dogs and humans – the most predators that eat those eggs at the moment.

Those eggs will get further treatment on sanctuary and hatching centre until become baby turtles.

tukik saba 3

Thank you for contributors as follows :

PHRI Bali, Ena Dive, Marine Walk, Kampung Tengah Sawah, Rumah Hijau Trikaya and Burat Wangi from Wianta foundation

Please spread the words in regard this Saba Asri Turtle Conservation. You may contact diretly to Made Kiki +6282144039610