Buleleng airport in the Middle of the Sea, 1400 hectares will be Reclamation


Beritabali.com, Denpasar. Planning to build a new airport in Bali’s north precisely in Buleleng is rolling. Later, the company is interested in building Arca Canadian airports are planned to be built in the middle of the sea.

Representatives of investors, Made Mangku, stated, if all parties support, then the next year the floating airport construction will begin to be realized.

“If all the support, one year from now floating in the middle of the sea airport in Buleleng that was to be built,” said Made Mangku, Thursday, May 21, 2015.

Made Mangku tell, the distance from the shoreline into the sea amid the airports within about one kilometer. He said, the second airport on the island of Bali that will be built in three stages.

The first stage, continued Made Mangku, would require 300 hectares of land to be reclaimed to build the runway. Furthermore, the construction of the second phase would require a land area of ​​900 acres to build two runways line.

“Lastly we need 200 acres, so the total will be reclaimed is 1,400 hectares. All the land area for runway and airport city,” he explained.

While, for the land, Made Mangku, it requires about 100 acres for an airport city. According to him, according to the provisions, the company will have management rights to the new airport for 50 years.

“For the land, we will not liberate productive land. The funds that we prepare for the construction of the initial phase of Rp30 trillion. The right to manage the new airport for 50 years and can be extended for the next 50 years,” said Made Mangku.

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