Four Highways to be Built in Bali

kuta canggu toll

Traffic in south Bali is already busy and jammed happening everywhere that make inconveniences. Denpasar, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu area are mostly jammed.

If you drive during rush hours either in the morning when people go to work or afternoon when they return home along mentioned places above – traffic jammed !!

Solution of this situation will be less traffic jammed if 4 toll roads (Kuta – Canggu, Tanah Lot – Soka, Soka – Pekutatan, Pekutatan – Buleleng) that plan to be built by PT Waskita Karya. It will impact and push development of beyond south Bali.

This will impact on land development for commercial and residential. Property business and land acquisition are more attractive as the opening these tolls. Access to idle land which are not worth now become luring. Investor and developer will be for sure keen on to do so.

Here is recent article by The Bali Time :

Four toll roads that will connect the northern to the southern part of Bali is planned to be built to support the acceleration of equalization of development in Bali.

“This idea is a follow-up to the President Joko Widodo’s policy who plans the construction of 1,562 kilometers of toll road in Indonesia to 2019,” said Operational Director I of PT Waskita Karya, Desi Arryani when presenting the pre-feasibility study on the construction of the toll in front of the Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika, in Denpasar on Thursday.

She stated that the four toll roads that will be built in Bali offered by PT Waskita Karya include Kuta- Canggu (Badung Regency) -Tanah Lot-Soka (Tabanan Regency), Soka-Pekutatan (Jembrana Regency), Pekutatan-Gilimanuk and Pekutatan-Lovina (Buleleng Regency).

kuta pekutatan lovina gilimanuk toll

Bali, she added, becoming one of areas for toll construction because the results of the survey indicate that the southern region has been very dense.

This, she continued, trigger the imbalance development between the southern region with other parts of Bali.

“The development of this highway becomes an important part of the efforts to accelerate equal development in Bali,” said Desi.

Meanwhile, PT Waskita Karya consultant Ahmad Faiz explained that the total toll roads planned to be built are along 156.7 kilometers, from Kuta-Canggu-Tanah Lot-Soka (28 km), Soka-Pekutatan (25.1 km), Pekutatan-Gilimanuk (54.4 km) and Pekutatan-Lovina (46.7 km).

“It takes around IDR34,379 trillion to finance the construction of toll roads,” said Faiz.

To run this plan, surveys have already been conducted in order to complete the pre-feasibility study. The surveys are focused on the analysis of the development of the region, traffic projections, path selection with a review of the environmental aspects, cost and technical, construction cost estimation, economical and financial analysis.

Whereas, for Kuta-Canggu-Tanah Lot-Soka, they give three alternatives, path 1 which refers to the local spatial plan, path 2 which passes through the beach and path3 by utilizing the river groove. The river groove gets the best option and economically most likely to work on.

“Passing the beach will be very expensive and the construction will not be permanent because of the strong currents of the Indian Ocean,” said Faiz.

Trace one that follows the path of Spatial Plan (RTRW) is also hampered by land acquisition since it passing tourist area of Canggu.

PT Waskita Karya also wants to get a response and input from Governor to move on to the next stage.

Meanwhile, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika responded positively to the idea to build toll roads.

Therefore, he really hopes that PT Waskita Karya can realize the construction of this road. Moreover, Bali provincial government plans to develop area of Pekutatan-Jembrana as a new city.

“Fortunately there are 1,100 hectares of provincial land area, which is currently used as a rubber plantation. If the toll roads can be realized, we believe that the development of that area can be accelerated and will bring benefits to the local community,” he said.

Pastika is also optimistic that the investment has high economic value. He expects PT Waskita Karya to be seriously working on this plan so it can be realized immediately.

Land Acquisition

sayan bebek

Land Acquisition : budget, Shape, Orientation or View, Contour of the land, Zoning/Aspek, Due Diligence (free legal issue), Infrastructure and Good relationship.

Why is different ? just focus at land acquisition for land banking and project development. will find suitable location which matches our client needs and budget, getting involved in the negotiation process to put the best price, checking the legality and documentations of the property to prevent the unnecessary time and financial loss and going through sales process to ensure the smooth transaction of the ownership of the property and advise them how to make the investment worth.

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Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Klungkung

Nusa Penida is administratively a district  (kecamatan) of Klungkung regency and has 2 other sister  islands namely Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Those 3 islands are very close one to the other and separated by Badung strait from main island Bali.
nusa penida
Topography of  Nusa Penida is hilly with a maximum altitude of 524 metres. It is drier than the nearby island of Bali. Unlike the neighbouring small island of Nusa Lembongan there is very little tourist infrastructure here. Administratively, the kecamatan of the same name, had a population of 45,178 in 2010 census, covering 202.6 km2, very little changed from 10 years prior.

From Sanur, it only takes approximately 30 minutes by boat and also can take ferry from Padang Bai if you want to take your car. Decent accommodation are available now in Nusa Penida. Because of need of pilgrim, now there are few new accommodation  coming in line.

The regent of Klungkung is very keen on to push Nusa Penida to be island beach resort and try to build infrastructure to support that activities. Therefore investors will be lured to put their money for tourism business.

Here is last year article about Nusa Penida :

June 9, 2014
Set Nusa Penida Water Conservation

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Nusa Penida – Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries set Nusa Penida as water conservation in view of the area is a triangle coral reefs of the world that high biological diversity.


“Conservation is to preserve the marine environment including coral reefs and marine life can provide benefits to the community,” said Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Sharif C. Sutardjo, after inaugurating the Water Conservation Garden Water Tourism in Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali, on Monday (9 / 6).

According to him the waters of Nusa Penida has high biodiversity with extensive coral reefs reached 149.05 hectares with 296 species of coral and 576 species of fish, five of which are new species.

He explained that the establishment of a separate area of ​​the mainland island was also to support the rescue of marine resources in the region, especially Klungkung Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida.

“These efforts also support our program in achieving the 20 million hectares of marine protected areas by 2020. Currently, only around 16 million hectares,” he added.

Island area of ​​20 057 hectares which becomes the Park Aquatic it holds the potential of coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds, and almost all habitats of fish resources, including marine mammals, dolphins and whales.

The area is known as the “Golden Egg” Bali Island, there are also unique fish species that Mola-mola or “Sun Fish” and the presence of green and hawksbill turtles.


Sharif reveals marine living resources of Nusa Penida has brought economic benefits and environmental services for the local community, one of which appeal to the tourist attractions of the region’s marine because there is a 20 point dive.

The best diving spots in between Crystal Bay, Manta Point, Ceningan Wall, Blue Corner, SD-Etal, Mangrove-Sakenan, Gemat Bay and Batu Abah.

Establishment of marine reserves was also to coincide with the international coral reef “Coral Day” on June 9.

Director General of Marine Coastal and Small Islands (KP3K) Sudirman Saad add it into the management of marine protected marine area with four zoning system.

Zoning Among the core zone (to protect spawning grounds), sustainable fishing (fishing area fishing environmentally friendly), utilization and other zones that serves to protect the coral reefs and ecosystems in it.

“The system is very open zoning sustainable use both research and conservation-based development of the local economy,” he said.

Present in the determination of which the Deputy Governor of Bali, Ketut Sudikerta and regent of Klungkung Nyoman Suwirta.

Investment Links :

Negari Klungkung

Jumpai beach front land

Land in Kusamba Klungkung

Nusa Lembongan absolute beach front land


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Chinese Investors Interested in Construction Projects in Bali

Chinese Investors Interested In Construction Projects in Bali

Monday, April 6, 2015, 1:57 pm

Ferry Kristianto

Infrastructure and construction is still a strong magnet to attract investment. , Denpasar – Bali Governor Made Pastika revealed a number of Chinese investors expressed interest involved in construction projects on the island.

The interest of investors from the Bamboo Curtain country knows when visiting the province of Yunnan and Hainan. However, it is still very early interest and not in the detailed phase of the project of interest.

“There are very many, especially eager to infrastructure. Probably because their funds are very much and here will be a lot of infrastructure projects planned that  interest  them” he said, Sunday (04/05/2015).


He said the planned establishment of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (IAAB) led China with investment from developed countries also potentially be used for development in Bali. It  would follow that interest by providing detailed information that will be realized project plan Bali administration.

According to him, it is open to all investors who are interested in investing.  Pastika confirms existing local government funds for infrastructure development is very limited, so the arrival of investors will be very helpful.

As an illustration, a number of infrastructure Bali Government announced today, such as freeway Kuta-Tanah Lot-Soka, new airport in Buleleng, Port Tanah Ampo in Karangasem Regency, Pier Gunaksa in Klungkung. In addition, currently being finalized plans to build a railway line to support tourism, and development of International Hospital, as well as vocational Bali Mandara.

Business  recorded at least two Chinese companies that have expressed interest in funding infrastructure projects in Bali, the China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. (CSCEC), and Yingli Green Energy.  Kepala BAPPEDA I Putu Bali Astawa said management of China State Construction has visited  the Governor office to introduce himself.

One project that gets the attention of the company is North Bali airport development plan. He revealed CSCEC not clearly answered the offer, but said it would conduct a study first.

The Yingli, interested in building a solar power plant – total power of 25 MW, value Rp 1.4 trillion in Nusa Penida, Klungkung. Rudiyanto, Chairman of the Committee of Trade of Indonesia-China and ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Bali, said that investor interest due to the island separated from the mainland Bali current power shortage so many entrepreneurs who invest in areas that have not been able to build accommodation.

Rudi formally express a number of Chinese investors are very interested in investing in Bali. In fact, they are ready to fund projects worth trillions of rupiah.

However, he added, not all investors show interest, because it is still waiting for the scheme to be set up  by local government. He confirmed most of the investors require a guarantee of continuity of government related investment, and given the opportunity as the initiator.

“They are willing to fund all projects and regardless of the value set. That was his request, guarantees of local government funding schemes should be clear and readiness installments as well,” he explained.

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Nirup Island, near Singapore, exotic island for beach resort.

Beach front land in Bali, worth investment!

Pungu Island in Flores, close to Komodo Island

An other International Aiport in Buleleng, Bali

Here is big decision to be considered in north Bali, Buleleng to set up another International airport to support and reactivate tourism on this region.

In meantime, south Bali has already enjoyed the development of tourism infrastructure. As we know mostly has been being done in the south of Bali where The International Ngurah Rai located.

buleleng airport3

Other reason to consider, the land price is relatively cheap on this region and that also attract investors to develop hotel resort, private villa, real estate, sport activities, wellness, Culinary, Healing and Yoga Center, Yacht Harbor, Entertainment Center and cultural Show.

buleleng airport2

It will has multi impact on the income of the local people as building the infrastructure will need man power and open job opportunity. No doubt it will give the opportunity empower for local people to do property business because land price will be valuable.

Here is the article quoted from The Bali Times:

State-Owned Enterprises Minister Rini Soemarno stated that Bali’s new airport to be built in Buleleng Regency, Bali, probably to be built jutting into the sea.

After a meeting with Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika, in Denpasar on Friday, the minister said that if the construction of the airport in the northern region of Bali is imposed on land, many rice fields will be affected. Her party will also ask Angkasa Pura to see the condition directly in Buleleng.

Similar things stated by Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika that there are two points of location, in west and east Buleleng that continued to be studied in terms of feasibility. However, a number of practitioners advise that the area of west Buleleng is very risky due to the constraints of the mountain.

Meanwhile in eastern Buleleng there are many productive lands that will be sacrificed.

“The most probable alternative is to build it juts into the sea,” he said while hoping the Ministry can pay attention to the new airport development plan in order to be realized.

From some investors who want to invest for the construction of Buleleng Airport, formerly one of the consultants flagged Airport Kinesis Canada (AKC) had explained the willingness to build the airport on the sea. “Construction of the airport above the sea by using reclamation system, we estimate 134 million cubic soils are required to a depth of no more than 100 meters,” he said.


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Saba Village, Blahbatuh, Gianyar

Saba village belongs to Sub district Blahbatuh, Gianyar Regency. Other villages are also part of Blahbatu are Bedulu, Belega, Blahbatuh, Bona, Buruan, Keramas, Medahan and Pering. It covers total area of 39,70 km² including Keramas, Pering and Saba which are along coast line. This long coast spreads on the southeast of Bali, starting from Ketewel, Sukawati (Purnama Beach), Saba, Pering,Keramas, Lebih and Siyut.
saba los pantai 33 areNowdays, along this coastal line dotted with private villas, condominium and hotel resort both locally-owned or by expatriates. They vary from big company and small-middle – all of them make investment on this area as very alluring for the near future. It is not only caused by availability of highway (Bypass Ida Bagas Mantra,Ngurah Rai and Bali Mandara Toll (above-sea highway)) but also land price relatively cheaper compare in southern of Bali. Now it getting less time to reach Ngurah Rai International Airport from Eastern Bali.

Gianyar Regent encourages for investor to build any tourism related facilities such as Hotel, villa and condominium so it is called “tourism zone” meaning permit is automatically granted. Even residential project for local people goes on and on and people think worth investment for near future.

Land for sales is favorite of land owner’s business today, huge plot of land with minimum infrastructure such as road access, drainage, split into smaller – normally up minimum100 square meter, price including freehold certificate (Surat Hak Milik).

Saba beach or most beaches on this area are exotic, with black sandy beach except in Keramas the surfer paradise. It overlooks Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, in the distance you can see Sanur Beach and tip of Bali known as Bukit Peninsula.

From Saba beach you will see the beauty of the sea with the waves pounding that captivates. The beach is not as busy as Lebih beach but it is suitable for the search for serenity. Here we can see the beautiful sunrise in the eastern horizon. So if you want to watch the beautiful sunrise sensation come at dawn.

Activities that might be done in this beach that is relaxation and enjoy the beauty of the beach, fishing, playing volleyball or soccer as it has a fairly wide area beaches. Surfing is good choice it has a pretty good waves for surfing activities, horse riding just perfect it has the path from the beach to elsewhere. For those who want a bath or swimming, be careful because the currents at the beach is relatively strong.

So what are you waiting for ? Be among “Millionaire Row” on this tropical paradise.

Link investment :

Front beach land in Saba 12054 square meter, Blahbatuh, Bali

Front beach land in Saba 3300 square meter,  Blahbatuh, Bali

Attica Hotel Resort Project – The Soka Beach Club and Height Spa Resort

Attica Hotel Resort Project

Soka beach has been known to avid travelers for some time, as they passed by during their trip from Denpasar – Gilimanuk or vice-verse. The green scenery is beautiful and spectacular.

The west part is surrounded by hills, which is part of Mount Batukaru in the north, we called this area : Soka Height Spa Resort. The south part is the Indian Ocean whereas Banyuwangi in Java is faintly visible from Soka, we called this area : The Soka Beach Club.

Soka Land for sale03Vast rice fields and lush coconut groves enriched the stunning scenery. Moreover, when the sun is about to set, the view on top of Pura Luhur Serijong is comparable or maybe superior to the view at Tanah Lot.

Soka location is very easily accessed from the main road, absolute water beach front and a majestic river running nearby. Both plots of land are easyly to build a spectacular and luxurious boutique resort.

Soka Land for sale04Located within Bali’s best up-and-coming area of Tabanan -West coast Bali, Indonesia. This land investment opportunity is once i a lifetime.

To secure this land now will produce excellent capital appreciation due to the vary attractive listed price in comparesion to the market value in the area. As this property is priced below market value, profits will be made almost immediately so this is the ultimate investment opportunity.

Soka Beach Club area is 15000 square meter (1,5 hectare) – a huge land overlooking the spectacular ocean and stunning sunset with 68 meter wide long beach frontage.

Soka Land for sale06Soka Heights Spa Resort area is 24,400 square meter (2,44 Hectare) – a huge land overlooking the stunning rice fields and surrounded by a river with tropical plantation & coconut palm trees.

Soka Land for sale07The Distance
Our soka is nearby to two luxurious 5-star boutique hotels: Alila Soori and Waka Gangga Resort (15km)

Our Soka, at the moment, beforè the bypass road is constructed, is approx 1,5 hour from the airport (35km)

Soka Beach as a Beach Club Resort and Soka Heights as a Spa Resort will be in a-one-compound resort that connect one to the other, the distance between the two resorts is approx. 1,5 km and easily accessed by shuttle to support all the 5-star resort facilities and all guest can experience both the beach club and spa fesort.

The land has the permits in place to allow concept of resort construction, the zoning as a tourism area and also supporting permits from neighborhood to develop the area. The land status is freehold-owned certificate: 1 unit certificate for Soka Beach and 2 units certificate for Soka Heights.

Soka Beach Club

Soka Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the western part of Bali. Panorama view is magnificent with the chains of hills forming natural walls on the west side through to Batukaru Mountain Range on the north. On the east side, the beach in this area is suitable for surfing and it’s a surfer’s paradise.

The concept of Soka Beach Club is for young couple people and honeymooning couples. It consists of hotel rooms and lavish bungalow villas.

The Height – Spa Resort

The resort leads to an incredibly picturesque rice fields, a river of stone, lush vegetation & mature palm tree, making this an idyllic place for hiking, tranquil meditation, reading, blissful spa treatment and perhaps for a quite, peaceful a d relaxing holiday.

The concept of Soka Height is for A spa resort, maybe a family bo ding vacation or even solitude, consisting only of individual bungalow villas with choice of 2,3 or 4 bedroom types

Soka Investment More reading


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Tanjung Benoa Resort Project

We have extensive experience in construction and re opening of several hotels. We have first-hand experience of dealing with all the issues surrounding the pre planning, construction and opening of hotels. We can provide advice and support in achieving the best hotel for a specific location or the most cost effective way of refurbishing a hotel. We carry out a full site appraisals and feasibilities and can manage the entire project from pre planning right up to post opening of a given hotel project.

TANJUNG BENOA BEACH RESORT06To this case, we would like to introduce Tanjung Benoa Resort Project. Please read some architect design and other supporting data.

In short, we are looking for investor to work with. You may contact us as below full address.

TANJUNG BENOA BEACH RESORT04Tanjung Benoa, like many other beachside destinations in Bali, used to be village and old dock. The development of the peninsula has been very significant transformed into a charming area. Converging in the small harbour at its tip, the peninsula is connected by narrow meandering road populated by luxury hotels, private villas, beach club resort, fine restaurants, open-air cafes and a plethora of water-sport facilities.

TANJUNG BENOA BEACH RESORT08The remaining mangrove marsh still lies at some part at the western side of the entrance. Tanjung Benoa is located 15 kilometers from international airport but if you are already staying within the Nusa Dua cluster, it is just few steps away from the west gate.

TANJUNG BENOA BEACH RESORT05Bali Mandara Toll would become the pride of Bali is well done. The tourist, community and all the people in Bali are welcome this highway over the sea which connect Nusa Dua – Tanjung Benoa – International Airport – Sanur/Denpasar. This toll at night looks from the land site is so beautiful, twinkling the light in a row along highway – moreover overlooking Benoa Bay make this land site very special.


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Bali Offer Investment Potential to 94 Ambassadors, Denpasar: Bali Provincial Government will offer a variety of investment potential to do on the island for 94 ambassadors at the banquet held diplomatic Investment Coordinating Board Center.

“We are currently preparing the potential investment in Bali, then taken by the Deputy Governor of Bali on Diplomatic Gathering event which will be held March 26 in Jakarta,” said Assistant for Economic Affairs and
Provincial Development Ketut Wija in Denpasar, on Thursday (19/03/2015).

sayan bebek

According to him, the meeting initiated by BKPM Center in collaboration with members of the Indonesian Regional Representative Council, not only offers the potential for investment in Bali, but also other areas in the country. “Through this event, it is expected the ambassadors of friendly countries that can invite investors to invest in various regions in Indonesia,” he said.

Wija say “in addition to well-prepared presentation material exposure and potential investment Bali, also be prepared related books Bali potential to be distributed to the 94 ambassadors”.

melis nyepi

Several large projects in Bali which requires “injection” of investors including airport development plan in the area of ​​northern Bali, highway heading west region, north and east of the island, continued construction of Tanah Ampo Cruise Port, Amed Sea Ports, Port Celukan Bawang and infrastructure in Nusa Penida, Klungkung and development of international stadium.

“It will all be presented in Jakarta and hopefully investors from invited countries are interested in so that they can invest in Bali,” said Wija.


Investment Link  North Bali :

Land On Tulamben Beach, Karangasem, Bali

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Silent Day in Bali

Tomorrow will be silent day in Bali. What is that meaning behind this? I quoted from past article which was published in in order to fight global warming issue.

melis nyepi
I also remember a song sung by John Lennon “Imagine” – this also inspire me to let the world know about “One Language”, “One Religion”, “One Country”  – Imagine all the people Living life in peace… – No need for greed or hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all the people Sharing all the world…- Imagine all the people Living life in peace…- You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will live as one

Here is the article :

Hindu priests on the island of Bali, where the world’s nations are gathered to come up with an answer for global warming, think they have one solution, a day of silence.

The proposal harks back to a traditional Balinese festival when everything is switched off and shut down for 24 hours, to try to persuade demons that the island is uninhabited and thus without fresh souls for them to steal.

melis ogoh
“We learn from our ancestors to respect the wishes of nature,” said Bhagawandwija, a 63-year-old priest who has been handing out leaflets outside the international climate change conference taking place here.

“Imagine if all the countries in the world observed one day of silence!” Indonesia’s Tourism Minister Jero Wacik said many locals on this resort island, which has long attracted visitors from around the globe, believe the world should copy the festival’s silence.

“Many people in Bali propose that if possible the world has a silent day, not working, all electricity off,” he told reporters, “We save one day.”

In the island’s rich Hindu heritage, the Nyepi festival is the time when evil spirits return to Earth. To persuade them there are no souls left to haunt, Bali shuts down almost entirely.
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