Parliament Approves Revitalisation Benoa Bay

JAKARTA – The Ministry of Environment and Forests held a meeting with Commission VII of the House of Representatives in the conference room of House Commission VII, Senayan, Jakarta. In a meeting that took place on Wednesday (27/1/2016) from 10:00 am until 16:00 pm, Ministry LHK and Parliament discuss a number of issues related to various issues, among others, the case of forest fires as well as the reclamation and revitalization in a number of areas of which reclamation North Coast Jakarta, reclaiming 17 islands in the city as well as the revitalization of Benoa Bay.

Related reclamation North Coast Jakarta some members of Parliament questioned the environmental aspect. In the end, the Minister of Environment and Commission VII of the House of Representatives Committee recommends the establishment of Reclamation. The revitalization related Benoa Bay all members of House Commission VII which is present in the discussion did not submit any objection related to the revitalization plan Benoa Bay.

bali-mandara-road-3Nasdem Party politician, Kurtubi convey disapproval but not against the revitalization plan to the source material. He requested that the revitalization of the source material is not taken entirely from dapilnya namely NTB. LHK Ministry regarding the revitalization of Benoa Bay said that revitalization has met all the requirements, requirements and permission from related parties of which the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, the regulation regarding the spatial and others.

Kampial Village, Nusa Dua

Village Kampial belongs to Kuta South (Indonesian:Kecamatan Kuta Selatan) is a district within Badung Regency of Bali.

The location is a land of hills overgrown by tall trees / crops along the barren plains. Approximately in the 15th century, during Bali Kingdom governed, namely the Kingdom of Badung in Denpasar and the Kingdom of Mengwi, there was a man named Ki Dukuh Ampial.

kampial 3.8 ha

He was brave once entered the mountains and forests continue to reside somewhere. Ki Dukuh Ampial every day have to work in farm, in addition to that he was eventually managed to build a temple, and until now still worshiped by local people and given the name Pura Dukuh Ampial. Furthermore from now on it is also the development of the resident population which calls itself the AmpialĀ  (derive from Ki Dukuh Ampial) village, which later became the village KEAMPIAL and the influence of changes in speech eventually became Kampial.

kampial 3.8 ha 3

Kampial now has been developing into residence and commercial area since Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata (Hotel and Tourism School) was built here.

Some villas and hotel resort located here as they have amazing view of Indian ocean.

Because of high altitude, Television Stations also take advantages of it by building TV station on this area.


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