Turtle Conservation Saba Bali

Bapak Made Kikik and his 10 teams collect turtle eggs along Saba beach from March to August each year when the sand is warm.

saba turtle15
The eggs is placed in natural incubator and they will stay 50-60 days to keep them safe from predators (wild dogs)

saba turtle11
With Made’s close knowledge of process, he can estimate the hatching time almost to the day. When tukik (hatchlings) are born, they are placed in a pond with the other turtles and Made feeds them prawns and supervises their growth.

saba turtle14
After 3 months approximately, the turtles are released to the ocean.

saba turtle8
You can join with Made in this by releasing a turtle for small donation of IDR 50.000. Made uses this money to provide food for the turtles and maintain enclosure. This simple act, releasing a beautiful animal to roam the ocean for perhaps a century or more, a most a rewarding experience.

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Please contact Made Kikik at his mobile number +6282144039610 (Indonesian only)

or you may email me at igedesanatkumara@gmail.com  or +628113891990 (English)

Location :

Turtle Conservation  Saba

Saba Beach, Blahbatuh, Gianyar

Adjacent to Jeeva Saba Villa

Keramas Gianyar

keramas map

Keramas village is known for surfing beach since Komune Beach Resort opened its facilities including beach club and night surfing – the only one, night surfing in Bali.

keramas komune

Komune Beach Resort provides decent accommodation and Food & Beverage services.  Huge swimming pool on the beach and sun deck with umbrella for sun bathing.


Now this area has been developing. New private villas are tucked away on this location. More and more people buy land near Keramas beach side. The reason people invest among others land price cheaper compare in south Badung (Kuta, Jimbaran, Pecatu, Ungasan, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Sawangan and Kutuh).

Access via Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra make it easy and fast – no traffic jam. Even Bali Mandara Toll make it faster to Ngurah Rai airport and south Bali.

Keramas beach is black sandy with big wave that is perfect for surfing. A lot of competition takes place here  such as BII Maybank Bali Marathon. One of private company set up recreation with dolphin, it makes more and more traveler with family keen on going to Keramas. Bali Safari and Marine Park is nearby. Horse riding located in Saba  neighborhood of Keramas.

Again black sandy beach in Keramas Beach, Blahbatuh district has hosted international surfing competitions in the last couple of years with limited facilities such as uneven road and no parking lots. In 2013, Keramas Beach is one of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP)’s 2013 World Champhionship Tour schedule.

Baliwaves.com says:

Type of break:
Powerful right hander that can produce some deep tube rides over a reef and rock bottom.

Like any good wave anywhere in the World Keramas is popular. This place can be surfed from waist high right through to triple over head. Early mornings are best at Keramas and can also be surfed through the dry season if conditions are right. Best size is in the head to double head high class.

Best Wind:
North West to Westerly

Best Tide:
Normally depending on the Moon Phase at the time as long as there is enough water the rocks you should be ok.

Like most locations around Bali to beat the numbers you have to get up early, not too many Bintangs (Beer brand known in Indonesia) the night before.

Link land investment:

Front beach land in Saba

Warehouse in Saba

Front beach land in Keramas

Land in Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra Keramas

Saba Village, Blahbatuh, Gianyar

Saba village belongs to Sub district Blahbatuh, Gianyar Regency. Other villages are also part of Blahbatu are Bedulu, Belega, Blahbatuh, Bona, Buruan, Keramas, Medahan and Pering. It covers total area of 39,70 km² including Keramas, Pering and Saba which are along coast line. This long coast spreads on the southeast of Bali, starting from Ketewel, Sukawati (Purnama Beach), Saba, Pering,Keramas, Lebih and Siyut.
saba los pantai 33 areNowdays, along this coastal line dotted with private villas, condominium and hotel resort both locally-owned or by expatriates. They vary from big company and small-middle – all of them make investment on this area as very alluring for the near future. It is not only caused by availability of highway (Bypass Ida Bagas Mantra,Ngurah Rai and Bali Mandara Toll (above-sea highway)) but also land price relatively cheaper compare in southern of Bali. Now it getting less time to reach Ngurah Rai International Airport from Eastern Bali.

Gianyar Regent encourages for investor to build any tourism related facilities such as Hotel, villa and condominium so it is called “tourism zone” meaning permit is automatically granted. Even residential project for local people goes on and on and people think worth investment for near future.

Land for sales is favorite of land owner’s business today, huge plot of land with minimum infrastructure such as road access, drainage, split into smaller – normally up minimum100 square meter, price including freehold certificate (Surat Hak Milik).

Saba beach or most beaches on this area are exotic, with black sandy beach except in Keramas the surfer paradise. It overlooks Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, in the distance you can see Sanur Beach and tip of Bali known as Bukit Peninsula.

From Saba beach you will see the beauty of the sea with the waves pounding that captivates. The beach is not as busy as Lebih beach but it is suitable for the search for serenity. Here we can see the beautiful sunrise in the eastern horizon. So if you want to watch the beautiful sunrise sensation come at dawn.

Activities that might be done in this beach that is relaxation and enjoy the beauty of the beach, fishing, playing volleyball or soccer as it has a fairly wide area beaches. Surfing is good choice it has a pretty good waves for surfing activities, horse riding just perfect it has the path from the beach to elsewhere. For those who want a bath or swimming, be careful because the currents at the beach is relatively strong.

So what are you waiting for ? Be among “Millionaire Row” on this tropical paradise.

Link investment :

Front beach land in Saba 12054 square meter, Blahbatuh, Bali

Front beach land in Saba 3300 square meter,  Blahbatuh, Bali

Bali Marathon along Highway Ida Bagus Mantra, Gianyar

It is very clear that Gianyar via Highway Ida Bagus Mantra will be exposed and chosen for next Bali Marathon 2015.

Many reasons to conduct this event on this area among others :

– Traffict can be not be jammed – highway Ida Bagus Mantra able to handle this with allocation of traffic to other road during this event only. Besides, Sunday normally is less traffic.

– Investor will attract more and more this area to put money in related any international event.

– Investor will attract more and more to invest on accommodation and related to this supporting facilities such as amusement center, Healing treatment, Convention center, Retirement Residence, Shopping center, Golfing, International Hospital, Surfer lodge, Family recreation, Water park Recreation, Culinary cafe.

– The venue is very accessible and easy to reach from Sanur/Denpasar, Ubud, Seminyak,Pecatu, Ungasan, Nusa Dua, Canggu, International Ngurah Rai airport, Karangasem, Klungkung and other part of Bali. It is coused by Highway Ida Bagus Mantra, Sun Set Road and Ngurah Rai linked via Bali Mandara Toll.

– Villa, hotel and other accommodation are available on this nearby event and more and more new hotel are being built.

– Land price and property is also relatively affordable and very luring for investors


Here is information last year event reported by The Jakarta Post :

More than 4,400 runners from 49 countries participated in the annual BII Maybank Bali Marathon 2014, which took place on Sunday at the Bali Safari and Marine Park in Gianyar.

With the theme, “Pushing the Limit”, the 42,195-kilometer marathon offered four open categories: a full marathon, half marathon, 10-km run and a children’s sprint. A separate category for the disabled was also available with a 5-km wheelchair race.

Starting and finishing at the Bali Marine and Safari Park, the marathon’s route traversed the countryside in Gianyar regency – going through Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, Keramas and Medahan districts as well as Saba Belaga, Bona and Abianbase districts for the half marathon, and Guwang, Sukawati and Blahbatuh districts for the full marathon, which got under way at 5 a.m.

A number of local school students wearing colorful outfits cheered on the runners along the course. Several local village communities also took part by setting up stages and providing drinks for the participants.

International runners from Kenya dominated the podium in all three open categories.

Kennedy Kiproo Lilan completed a hat-trick at the event, winning the men’s full marathon for the third consecutive year in a time of 02:18:52, one second slower than his time last year.

The women’s full marathon was also dominated by Kenyans, with last year’s runner-up, Elizabeth Jeruiyot Chemwen, finishing first with a time of 02:47:35.

Both Lilan and Chemwen received winners’ cash prizes of US$17,500.

The BII Maybank Bali Marathon was recently recognized by the United States’ Boston Marathon, with the full marathon in Gianyar being incorporated into the Boston Marathon’s official directory.

This means that runners who achieve a certain time in the Bali Marathon are eligible to enter the 2015 Boston Marathon.

The event also offered a great opportunity to promote Gianyar as one of Bali’s top destinations.

“Bali has a good environment. I’m very happy to meet the people in Bali. This event is well organized as well,” said Chemwen, adding that she would definitely be running the Bali Marathon again next year.


Gianyar is a regency (kabupaten) in the Indonesian province and island of Bali, Indonesia. It has an area of 368 km2 and population of 470,380, making it the second most densely populated district in Bali (after Badung). Its regency seat is Gianyar. The civil registry survey of April 2011 listed 480,447 people, of which 469,929 were classified as Hindu.

The town of Ubud, a centre of art and tourism, is located in Gianyar.

The regency is divided into seven districts (kecamatan), listed below with their 2010 Census populations:

Sukawati 110,429

Blahbatuh 65,875 Property at this area : Keramas  Medahan Pering

Gianyar 86,843 Property at this area :  Lebih

Tampaksiring 45,818

Ubud 69,323

Tegallalang 50,325

Payangan 41,164

Gianyar Regency’s civil registry recorded 480,447 residents by religion, in April 2012, 97.8% Hindu.

Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gianyar_Regency
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Gianyar and Klungkung began to attract investors

sayan bebek

Investment in Bali is no longer concentrated in the southern part of Bali, the city of Denpasar, Badung and Gianyar. Northern regions like Klungkung began to attract investors.

One indication, based on data from Bank Indonesia Bali that investment credit growth trade, hotels, and restaurants, Klungkung is the highest – 41.36 percent growth rate in November 2014, beating growth in Badung (13.56 percent) and Gianyar (26.36 percent).

Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia in Bali, Dewi Setyowati, last weekend, said it could be a good start on the investment climate on Bali tourism in the northern region. She hopes other districts are encouraged to be creative to make the region attractive to potential investors.

According to her, why is the highest credit growth in Klungkung regency ?
it is caused by development of tourism wide spreading over here. Secondly, the entry of Nusa Penida into 21 Strategic Region Tourism Bali. Thirdly, Nusa Penida Festival June 2014 was successfully conducted.

Source : travel.kompas.com 21 Jan, 2015

Link Land Investment on this area :

Negari, Klungkung
Kusamba, Klungkung
Gegel, Klungkung
Batu Tumpeng, Klungkung