Baby Turtles released on Saba Beach

tukik sabaFew company and organizations did baby turtle release this morning (September 19) on Saba beach, Blahbatuh, Gianyar.

This Saba Asri Turtle Conservations is self-funded organization and it really need your help to keep doing baby turtle conservation.

tukik saba 2

Made Kiki and 10 of members every month have to work hard to find turtle eggs and save them from wild dogs and humans – the most predators that eat those eggs at the moment.

Those eggs will get further treatment on sanctuary and hatching centre until become baby turtles.

tukik saba 3

Thank you for contributors as follows :

PHRI Bali, Ena Dive, Marine Walk, Kampung Tengah Sawah, Rumah Hijau Trikaya and Burat Wangi from Wianta foundation

Please spread the words in regard this Saba Asri Turtle Conservation. You may contact diretly to Made Kiki +6282144039610

Made Kikik Sea Turtle Savior from Saba, Blahbatuh

Sea Turtle nesting season on Saba Beach is from March to August each year. This period of the months, Made Kikik and his team look for and collect the eggs along the beach from Biaung, Lepang, Purnama,Saba and Masceti.

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They have to play “catch if you can” with wild dogs. These predators will eat those fresh eggs. So Made Kikik and his team can not do much if found those nesting are empty and some eggshell left while inside was eaten by those wild dogs.

saba turtle9
Some beach are now fenced by property owner or government to protect from erosion. This affect turtle nesting habitat and they do not want to make nest (dug sand to make hole). Turtle just wants to lay egg in natural environment without any disturbance e.g light from Villas/hotels on the beach.

saba kikik 4
From time to time sea turtle is endangered. In the past, a lot of turtle use for ritual. Now is banned any turtle use for ritual or eating. However, there is always black market from outside Bali that import turtle for misuse.

saba turtle13
In Saba village, Blahbatuh where located Turtle Conservation Saba, led by Made Kikik is one of battle against this misuse. This conservation work very hard to save and protect from sea turtle endangered.

In the old days, Made Kikik did turtle egg hatching in his own home. Initiated by Gianyar Regency, Anak Agung Gde Agung Bharata as regent donated IDR 50 millions. Then Made Kikik was able to build and set up The Turtle Conservation Saba.

saba kikik 3

It is easy to find this turtle conservation Saba, located adjecent with Jeeva Saba Villa. Few meters before this turtle conservation, nestled Pura Anyar which belong to Puri Saba (Saba Palace)

saba turtle3

However he and his team need your donation as this conservation has no finance support from government.

Please contact directly to Made Kiki : +6282144039610 (Indonesian only)

email to or +628113891990 (English)

Turtle Conservation Saba Bali

Bapak Made Kikik and his 10 teams collect turtle eggs along Saba beach from March to August each year when the sand is warm.

saba turtle15
The eggs is placed in natural incubator and they will stay 50-60 days to keep them safe from predators (wild dogs)

saba turtle11
With Made’s close knowledge of process, he can estimate the hatching time almost to the day. When tukik (hatchlings) are born, they are placed in a pond with the other turtles and Made feeds them prawns and supervises their growth.

saba turtle14
After 3 months approximately, the turtles are released to the ocean.

saba turtle8
You can join with Made in this by releasing a turtle for small donation of IDR 50.000. Made uses this money to provide food for the turtles and maintain enclosure. This simple act, releasing a beautiful animal to roam the ocean for perhaps a century or more, a most a rewarding experience.

saba turtle13

Please contact Made Kikik at his mobile number +6282144039610 (Indonesian only)

or you may email me at  or +628113891990 (English)

Location :

Turtle Conservation  Saba

Saba Beach, Blahbatuh, Gianyar

Adjacent to Jeeva Saba Villa