Turtle Conservation Saba Bali

Bapak Made Kikik and his 10 teams collect turtle eggs along Saba beach from March to August each year when the sand is warm.

saba turtle15
The eggs is placed in natural incubator and they will stay 50-60 days to keep them safe from predators (wild dogs)

saba turtle11
With Made’s close knowledge of process, he can estimate the hatching time almost to the day. When tukik (hatchlings) are born, they are placed in a pond with the other turtles and Made feeds them prawns and supervises their growth.

saba turtle14
After 3 months approximately, the turtles are released to the ocean.

saba turtle8
You can join with Made in this by releasing a turtle for small donation of IDR 50.000. Made uses this money to provide food for the turtles and maintain enclosure. This simple act, releasing a beautiful animal to roam the ocean for perhaps a century or more, a most a rewarding experience.

saba turtle13

Please contact Made Kikik at his mobile number +6282144039610 (Indonesian only)

or you may email me at igedesanatkumara@gmail.com  or +628113891990 (English)

Location :

Turtle Conservation  Saba

Saba Beach, Blahbatuh, Gianyar

Adjacent to Jeeva Saba Villa

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